Letter L4478
Letter written by Carl Linnaeus
Letter addressed to Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademien
Date 5 February 1771


Linnaeus says that he now is recovering after Christmas celebrations in the family.

He thanks the Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences [Kungliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademien[+], i.e., Pehr WilhelmWargentin[+]] for kind words in his new year’s letter [this letter has not come down to us].

Linnaeus wonders if his own new year’s letter [Linnaeus to the Secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1 January 1771[+]] has arrived. He says that he suspects that his letters reached neither the Secretary nor Baeck [Abraham Bäck[+]; the letter to Bäck has not come down to us].

The Secretary had earlier written to inform Linnaeus about costs for customs duties etc; Linnaeus excuses himself for not having sent money and asks the Secretary to let him know the exact amount.

Adolph Modeer’s[+] observation on roof repairs was of no value [there is no information about this observation in the records of the Academy].

Linnaeus thanks for documents and money.

Linnaeus thanks for the English transactions [Linnaeus refers to the Philosophical Transactions published by the Royal Society, London[+]]. They were after 4 days returned to Petter Jonas Bergius[+]. They were not well handled, its is a shame, if it goes on like that, there is a risk one will never see them again. The new people were indeed peculiar [Linnaeus refers to an article in the Philosophical Transactions by Philip Carteret[+], “A letter from Philip Carteret”[+]].

He thanks for seeds received.

Linnaeus writes that he hardly can believe what is said about bees, their sexual difference and the wax pipes [Linnaeus had presumably read Adam Gottlob Schirach’s[+] Melitto-theologia[+], Physikalische Untersuchung [...] der Bienenmutter[+], and Physikalische Untersuchung woher der Drohnenweisel entstehe[+]].

P.S. In 1769 in East India (Malabar) temperatures rose to such heights that birds could be caught by hand and that many people died in the streets.

Philip Miller[+] in Chelsea has been removed from his job.

Georg Dionysius Ehret[+], the master plant drawer, is dead.

Crassula Portulacaria has flowered in Italy; it is a species of Claytonia.

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