Letter L5684
Letter written by Carl Linnaeus
Letter addressed to Upsala Universitets Kanslerer
Date 30 November 1759


Linnaeus has got a letter from the Chancellor of the Uppsala University [Carl Diedric Ehrenpreus[+], the letter is dated 29 November 1759[+]], instructing Linnaeus, then vice chancellor, to effect the withdrawal of a book by Forskåhl [Peter Forsskål[+]] with the title “Tankar om medborgerliga friheten” [Tankar om borgerliga friheten[+]]. Linnaeus reports that he has approached Forsskål, who told him the names of those to whom he has distributed the work, and Linnaeus has also sent officials to collect the copies available in Forsskål’s residence and at the bookseller. 13 copies are sent with this letter to Ehrenpreus. A letter from Forsskål [to Ehrenpreus], where he promises that he will go to Stockholm without delay, is enclosed.

[On the back of the letter from the Ehrenpreus there is a list, written by Linnaeus, with the names of the recipients and the number of copies they have received]:
Linnaeus has got two for himself
Lars Benzelstierna[+] (4)
Johan Amnell[+] (2)
Dahlman [Lars Dalman[+]] (1)
Petrus Ekerman[+] (1)
Johan Gottschalk Wallerius[+] (2-1)
Johan Ihre[+] (1)
Domei [Olof Domey[+]] (1)
Anders Planman[+] (1)
Daniel Annerstedt[+] (1)
Solberg[+][ (1)
Lars Hydrén[+](1)
Erik Hydrén[+]] (1)
Ahlström [Carl Johan Alström[+]] (30)
the [university] bookkeeper [Andreas Neander[+]] (50-3 in natura), of these sold to
Fredrik Mallet[+] (8)
Ullholm[+] (2)
Jonas Victorin[+] (1)
observator [here Linnaeus refers to Mallet again] (8)

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