Letter L5685
Letter written by Carl Linnaeus
Letter addressed to Upsala Universitets Kanslerer
Date 4 December 1759


Linnaeus reports to the Chancellor of the Uppsala University [Carl Diedric Ehrenpreus[+]] the further process of the issue about Forskåhlís [Peter Forsskål[+]] work Tankar om borgerliga friheten[+]. Linnaeus had already sent Ehrenpreus 13 copies with his first report on November 30. After further diligent investigation, Linnaeus has now collected 52 more copies and he sends them with this letter.

Since Ehrenpreus had instructed Linnaeus to proceed with great caution, Linnaeus has to report that he has not been able to exercise his full authority as vice chancellor. So, for example, he has refrained from asking Ehrenpreus if he has to ask those who have received copies if, and in that case to whom, they might have forwarded copies. This would have made the withdrawal more complete.

At the end of the letter, Linnaeus gives a list of recipients of in all 52 copies of the work. These are:
Fredrik Mallet[+] (8)
the [university] bookkeeper [Andreas Neander[+]] (16)
Johan Amnell[+] (1)
Lars Dalman[+] (1)
Wallerius [certainly Johan Gottschalk Wallerius[+] as he is mentioned in the letter dated 30 November 1759[+]] (1)
Hydrén [it is uncertain if Linnaeus refers to Lars Hydrén[+] or Erik Hydrén[+]] (1)
Lars Benzelstierna[+] (1)
Petrus Ekerman[+] (1)
Domei [Olof Domey[+]](1)
Ullholm[+] (1)
Jonas Victorin[+] (1)
Anders Planman[+] (1)
Carl Johan Alström[+] (1)

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